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Local Project

2017 local funding was awarded to A Place to Call Home - a project devoted to keeping older teens and young adults housed during the transitory years between childhood and stable adulthood. 

Progress continues with A Place to Call Home. One of the biggest decisions facing the early stages of program development was whether to incorporate as a stand-alone nonprofit or whether to become a stand-alone program under the Lion's Club,  much like the Winter House.

After discussions with Winter House and Lion's Club board members and their vision for developing a regional food bank and continuing the current Winter House shelter, the decision was made to request program sponsorship under the Lion's Club nonprofit umbrella.

This will allow for the strategic placement of several types of housing/homeless/hunger programs under one umbrella, save A Place to Call Home months of time filing for 501(c)3 status with the IRS and waiting for their determination, and provide a long organizational and financial history by utilizing an existing nonprofit- which will help with applying for future grants.

Next Steps

Committee members are developing bylaws for the A Place to Call Home committee to review at their December meeting. This will include board seats and naming board members. Once the committee agrees upon and accepts this organizational document, A Place to Call Home will formally propose sponsorship to the Lion's Club at the next Lion's Club meeting. 

A Place To Call Home Committee members are:

 -maintaining lists of possible locations
 -maintaining a list of possible funding streams
-developing program guidelines
-creating a budget

Once the organizational structure aspect of development is complete, the group hopes to be ready to identify a location, hire an on-site monitor and begin providing services in 2018. 

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Global Project

Half of all giving circle donations go to South Sudan Medical Relief, a non-profit providing medical care, education, and community development in Old Fangak, South Sudan founded by longtime Bethel resident, Dr. Jill Seaman.


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