Summarized responses to
2018 Fall Membership Meeting breakout questions:

Question 1: How is our frequency & style of communication working for you? 

- It is fine right now, have received important information so far. 

- There is a need for sending reminders to members to renew and pay their membership in a more obvious way. For example the words, "pay or renew membership" can be bold and written in the subject so we do not forget to do so. 

- Clearly state the confirmation of receipt of payment.

Question 2: Start times for meetings are typically 5:30 pm- does this work for you or would you prefer a different time? Would you ever want us to consider meeting on a weekend? Saturday brunch? 

- Early weekdays is good. (2 members said) 

- Once in a while is good to have on the weekends, maybe for spring meeting. 

- How about if we ask members to vote on options for date/times. 

- People like meeting times of Thursdays at 6:00, but don't want to go past 7:30.

- People were not so into weekend brunch for standard meetings.

Question 3: This group was designed to be a light time commitment, but we know there may be women who want to be more hands-on and more active through volunteering to take on more giving circle-related tasks or helping with fundraising. 

- Saturday Market table

 -Recruiting volunteers if we knew the fundraising would not happen - BCSF can send email or do survey and call for volunteers on specific date and time there is a need for.

- Considering some events for big splash such as International Women's Day, Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Storytelling Day

-More information about small tasks.

- Host a day of service in the community where we pick anything we want, from clean up green up to whatever, advertise it to the group, and go do it.

- Fundraising activities- people liked the cards; Ashley said she would help with that and Debbie is going to take lead on it.

- Friday clubs at Gladys Jung- Friday afternoons at the last hour. Reyne said she'd help with that (creating something and selling it), example- dresses for Africa.

- Think of a branch of our philanthropy group for girls, or involve taav, girl scouts have a philanthropy badge.

Question 4: How do you feel about asking your friends to join or sharing informationwith them about this group? What’s easy? What’s hard? 

- Standard Card/ Business card is helpful. 

- On quarterly meeting send emails to bring new person to the meeting (Summer and Fall meeting mainly). 

- Sending reminder about the goal and intention of each meetings. 

- It has been easy for me to be a part of a group where something is being done. 

- People need a very personal approach- like I'll pick you up, or come with me. 

- Outreach to churches in their bulletins or Sunday announcements.

- Notices on KYUK for name recognition.

- Table at Saturday Market.

- Getting our advertising into the HR packets for new employees at YKHC and LKSD and AVCP.

- Make signs for some of these places on their bulletin boards for our next meetings and get the employees there to spread the word.

- 1-2 of us to be in charge of recruitment strategy.

- Whenever we need help for doing anything we should just send a group email.

Question 5: Are there any opportunities we are missing? 

- Having Radio show on KYUK.

- Considering Come and drink Coffee to connect and be together 

New members and potential members group questions and thoughts:

-Women asked clarifying questions about the structure and how it works.

-One new member asked how we handled politics/challenges with members’ close ties with local groups applying for local funding. 

-One member asked about the kinds of local applications we received in the last round and how we recruited for those applications. 

-One member asked specific questions about Smart Fit Girls and now hopes to send her daughter to the next cohort. 

-One new member asked about if there are service-related opportunities with YKDWIP. 

-One new member asked about fundraiser-style activities related to Debbie’s discussion item about gathering to do fundraisers/raise $$. 

-One or two people asked about how SSMR was selected and how we might look at that fund structure going into 2019 (direct result of us discussing that at the meeting). 

-There were a few other very general questions about communications (like, are we on Instagram) and generally how things work/what to expect in terms of communications, meeting structure, etc. 

-I will continue to add to this if I remember any other specific questions that came up, but these were the highlights.