2019 Local Funding Applications

Please fully review applications prior to the April 24th Spring Grantmaking Forum.

Completed Application Review Timeline
From now until April 12, members will have the opportunity to review submitted applications and ask clarifying questions through our volunteer member-applicant liaison, Kristin Hall.

Between April 13 and April 19, Kristin will work with grant applicants to get answers to the submitted questions.

Between April 20 and April 24, we will get all collected questions and answers out to members.

Any questions you may have for the applicants must be communicated through our volunteer applicant-member liaison, Kristin Hall. Kristin's email is kristin@kyuk.org and her phone number is 907-545-4208. She will communicate questions to applicants and relay responses back in a timely manner but please do not wait until the last minute to ask questions.  

Click each link below to review the completed application.
Please remember to keep all application content STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. 

Student to Professional Training

Teens Lead Ahead 2019