Answered Questions

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For 2019, we received two applications. Members had the opportunity to ask questions of the applicants through our member-applicant liaison, Kristin Hall. Thanks to Kristin for her work on this aspect of our local grantmaking! Please see below for answered questions for each of the submitted applications.


This appears to be an after school program for LKSD students.  However, LKSD is not really listed as a partner on the project-- which seems like it would be important for the project's success.  So I'm wondering-- are they are partner?  And if not, how does the project plan to coordinate with LKSD?

I've spoken to Carlton Kuhn's over at LKSD who supports the idea, however, Joel Thomas who oversees the dorm program thought otherwise. Joel has suggested to me that if there was going to be a training program available for the students to participate in, it would have to be a program separate from LKSD. I did however circle back with Carlton and he is still in support of the training. He's suggested that I meet with Collin Stewart and Kimberly Hankin to see if we can start a partnership with their actual Career Ready program. I'll be meeting with them before the end of the month to visit this opportunity. I do also have teacher support. The KLA teachers are in big support of this program and will have their students apply. 

Also, have you ever heard of EXCEL Alaska? It's a training organization that caters to high school students, however all the training programs are either in Delta Junction, Seward, or Anchorage which requires all the students to travel away from home, and it pulls them out of their academic obligations. They cater to all rural Alaska High School Students and they've been quite successful with their training programs also without the partnership of LKSD. I planned on making the training program available to the students in the same fashion. Present the opportunity, recruit, process applications, and run the program. I am however more leaning towards the partnership of LKSD and I would be more than happy to circle back to you when the partnership is confirmed.

A related question-- if LKSD were a partner, what resources could they bring to the project?  At times I know BRHS and/or KLA students have been issued laptops for educational use-- as part of a grant program I think-- and there are also LKSD and maybe Yuut computer labs that could maybe meet this need.   More succinctly, I guess my question is-- within existing partnerships, does the applicant already have access to computers that they could use for this class? 

If LKSD was to partner on the project, I would like to explore ways to make the training courses available to the students who want to earn extra credits. I'd have to have a certified teacher teach the courses, and that's definitely something I'll be talking to Kimberly and Collin about when I meet with them. Also, as far as laptops, I have spoken to Yuut Elitnaurviat and they only have a computer lab with 8 computers. The laptops that I'd like to purchase are Windows 10 laptops compatible with Office 365. LKSD computers and laptops are apple computers. My reasoning for needing Windows 10 Laptops is because over 90% of the employers state-wide, currently use Windows (Dell) Computers to operate business. I believe that the students should be given the opportunity to learn how to use Windows computers to enhance their skill level using them before applying for employment with employers that use them, too. 

At this time, I do not have any training laptops to use, and our partners cannot support us with the purchase of laptops at this time. Thus, I'm applying for funding to purchase them.

This kind of training is critically needed in our region and I am impressed by what I read on your website about the 2018 training with 70 Career Ready students.  Their feedback is very positive!  My question for the current proposal is whether students will be motivated to attend an elective evening class, since it is not for high school credit.  How do you plan to recruit and motivate the KLA and BRHS students, who will just be coming back to school in mid-August, to attend the nine-month training starting August 20? 

I'll be distributing the program application to schools in the Calista region and to BRHS and KLA. The students that complete the 9 month training course will have preference for hire with the Calista Internship Program which pays a wage of $19/hr in Bethel, Anchorage, Hawaii, and Alabama. 

Who are the trainers  for this program?  Where are they from?  Have they completed any kinds of training like this in our region previously?  I would need to know more about their track record before I could agree to supporting the program, although it does look good on paper.

Currently, I am the trainer for the program. But if the partnership between AKRPD and LKSD is successful, and if we can get a certified teacher to train the courses and have the students earn elective credits, then the trainer will most likely be a teacher from here in Bethel. I am from here and I speak in Yup'ik. I have been in Workforce Development for over 14 years, and throughout my career, I've delivered hundreds of training workshops and have participated as a trainer in seminars. I am more than happy to train the students. 


I like the description of your Teens Lead Ahead project and think it lines up well with the goals of Women in Philanthropy's local giving project for 2019.  I'm curious what particular activities and/or speakers you have planned to address the topic of anti-bullying as part of your training this year, or how you plan to help teens develop their thinking around this topic.

Thank you for your question. TLA is going to address anti-bullying from two different directions.  

The first direction is prevention.  Speakers like Keggluk and elders will talk about the Yup'ik value of respect between all living things as a foundation for how we are in our communities.  That will be addressed the first day.

The second direction is intervention.  On either the second or third day TAAV members and TWC staff will facilitate discussions on bullying.  We will talk about what bullying behavior looks like, what are the causes of it, and how to respond by using Green Dot's methodology of bystander interventions.  These are the "3Ds."  1.  Directly say something to the person bullying.  2.  Delegate by getting someone to help.  3.  Distract from the situation (perhaps by inviting the person who is being targeted or the person who is bullying to do something else). TLA participants will role play these different ways of intervening.  A prize will be offered to the best role play because some of the kids might be shy to perform in front of others.