Who We Are

We are women of all ages and backgrounds who are connected to the YK Delta in Southwest Alaska. We are interested in making smart, effective financial contributions to local and global non-profit projects. After learning about women's giving circles all over the country we were inspired to start our own.

A giving circle is a group of people who donate their money to a pooled fund and give it to an organization or community project. Under the giving circle model anyone can become a philanthropist and create lasting change. 

What We Do

Giving at a Glance

We have joined together to create a safer, healthier, and more sustainable world. Each of us gives what we can to collectively fund local and global projects. We give half of the funds away for immediate use and save and invest the other half. Our giving structure allows us to make an immediate difference and to also create an endowment that lives on.  

Each year we fund a local project through a traditional application and grant making process. If your organization if interested in applying please visit the Local Impact page. We are also committed to funding global projects in three-year increments. Read more about our current Global Impact project, South Sudan Medical Relief, and our connection through founder and Bethel-based doctor, Jill Seaman.

Our host organization, Bethel Community Services Foundation, supports our giving circle by allowing for non-profit tax deductions, accepting online and in-person donations and making investments in our best interest.

Our Goals:

  • To engage women of all generations and backgrounds through the power of collective giving.
  • To increase our individual financial reach through prudent investments and grant making.
  • To create a permanent endowment by saving and growing a portion of the donations.
  • To partner with our community to fund endeavors that address unmet needs in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.
  • To identify and fund global partners to develop a healthier and more sustainable world.