Frequently Asked Questions


What is a women's giving circle? A group of women put their money into a pooled fund, keep administrative costs low, and make a big impact by working together. Successful groups often create a permanent endowment that outlives the original members. 

Do I have to attend meetings to be a part of YK Women in Philanthropy? No. We host four meetings per year and all members are invited to attend, but not required. The meetings are an opportunity to vote on our giving focus and connect with the other members of the Giving Circle. 

I don't have much money, can I still be a part of the YK Women in Philanthropy? YK Women in Philanthropy value and appreciate any contribution you are able to make. Though we do provide recommended contribution levels, an annual contribution of any amount makes you eligible to be a voting member. You can choose to set up automatic withdrawals on a monthly basis if that is more convenient for your budget.

Can I leave the Giving Circle? Your contribution is final but with a written note we can remove you from future communications.

Does my full donation go to Dr. Jill Seaman's project, South Sudan Medical Relief?  No, only half of it goes to South Sudan Medical Relief. If you have donated directly to SSMR in the past please continue to do so and consider the giving circle donation to be an additional support. If you would like to make a direct donation to South Sudan Medical Relief please visit their website

We also encourage members to attend the annual South Sudan Medical Relief Gala which happens every August in Bethel. 

Do I get something proving my donation is tax deductible? Yes, you will receive an official letter acknowledging your donation which you should save for your tax records.   

What if I don’t want to pay on line? Please call the Bethel Community Services Foundation office to make your donation over the phone, 907-543-1812. Bethel Community Services Foundation is our host organization.  

Who can apply for a grant? Charitable or non-profit organizations who are seeking funds for the focus outlined in our grant process. 

Can men donate to the Giving Circle? Absolutely. However, membership is restricted to women as part of a national movement to empower women to make changes in the world through philanthropy.