Local Funding Priority Areas

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Every year at our Winter Gathering, we vote on a priority area for local giving. Please submit any new ideas you have by emailing lisa@bcsfoundation.org by Friday, November 16th at 5:00 pm. Using these lists and your additions, we will generate the priority areas for the vote on local giving at our next meeting. 

The Arts: Support for cultural artists, support for local artists, other

Community: Walkability, library, community pride, public internet, animal welfare, other

Early Childhood: Child/day care, early childhood services, preschool, other

Youth Services: Anti-bullying, teen mentoring, tutoring in schools, child abuse prevention, other

Education for Women and Girls: Anti-bullying and self-esteem building, career and job training, funding for internships, health/sexuality and birth control, healthy relationships, science activities and curriculum, travel for educational opportunities, other

Elders/Seniors: Mentorship, services and needs, elder rides, elder abuse issues, other

Homelessness: Adult homelessness, youth/teen homelessness, food security, other

 Substance Abuse: Drug abuse awareness, alcohol abuse awareness, other

Literacy: Early childhood literacy, adult literacy, other